30 Day Book Challenge

30 Books Challenge: Best book you read last year

Those Pricey Thakur Girls
Those Pricey Thakur Girls

30 Books Challenge

01: Best book you read last year

Those Pricey Thakur Girls ~ Anuja Chauhan

Set in the 1980s in India, more precisely in Delhi’s Hailey Road this story revolves around Debjani “Dabbu” Thakur, the fourth of five alphabetically named daughters of a retired Judge. Debjani is sort of clumsy, saviour of stray dogs and has a mole on her chin. She lands a job in DeshDarpan, the only news channel in India. After her nervous yet successful telecast everyone Dabbu knows is all praises for except for a columnist at the India Post newspaper.

This particular columnist, Dylan Singh Shekawat is probably the reason me and so many other women have high expectations from men. Dylan is a Rajput-Christian with a almost Mr Darcy like perfection. A casanova of sorts, with “muscular toffee-brown bits”, dimples and unruly hair. Dylan hates the propoganda that DeshDarpan feeds the people and takes it on himself, along with some help of his friend who is the grandson of the owner of India Post. Their love story isn’t perfect, there’s a moment they almost get engaged, to Dylan going to Jail. Its got the perfect amount of spice that bollywood love stories must have.

Let’s not forget the supporting characters, Justice thakur & his group of friends who meet to play ‘kot-piece’ in the evening. Anji, the eldest sister who has her own issues of not being able to conceive a child, Bindoni, the second sister who only cares about her ‘hissa’ (share) in her father’s property, Eshwari who’s the fun and popular girl at her school. Dabbu’s Chachi who thinks her husband (Dabbu’s father’s brother) is cheating on her with the maid, aptly named ‘Hot Dulari’ & her son Gulgul who wants to give up studies to open his own gym.

This book has all the masti and masala most chick-lit attempt to achieve. The 80s scenario is relatable to people who grew up back then like references to the Sikh Riots, Campa Cola drinks, Maruti 800 cars and getting your jeans custom stitched. The only downside is noticeable typos in the book.  But, i’ll overlook that.

Rating 4.5/5 

Stop making men so handsome, charismatic and funny. How will I ever find true love?


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