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Review: Kronokare Hair Oil Kit

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Hello Lovelies!
Today I’m reviewing the Hair Oil Kit by Kronokare. Kronokare is a Delhi Based brand that brings you SLS and Parabens free products. Their range includes skin and hair care products to essential oils and even glorious scented candles. One of my favourite parts is how they phrase their descriptions and directions to use their products. Its all rhyming and cute! 😀


I suggest you check out their site here. They are currently having a 20% Discount on their Hair Care Range till the 30th of this month.

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The Hair Oil Kit contains 35ml bottles of three different hair oils for RS 285

  1.  Anti Turm (Oil) ~ Hair Repairing Oil
  2. Bust The Bad Stuff ~ Anti Dandruff Hair Oil
  3. Go A (Long) Way ~ Growth Boosting Hair Oil

Individually you can get these bottles at 95 Rs each if you wish to try out for just one hair concern.

Key Features:

  • Kit Contains Three Different Hair Oils
  • Gives Your Hair A Boost Of Nourishment
  • Consists Of Natural Oils
  • Anti-Dandruff Action
  • Increases The Length And Volume Of Hair
  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Enriched With Coconut Extracts
  • Complete Protection For Your Hair

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Anti Trum Hair Repairing Oil

What the Brand Says:

If your hair needs a serious mend, the repairing oil is the perfect blend. With a high concentration of essential oils like lavender and mint, this product is the simple answer – so take the hint! While the extracts repair and fix, the base of coconut add relaxation to the mix.


Cocos Nucifera Oil (Pure Coconut Oil), Rosemarinus Officinale Oil, Mentha Avensis Oil, Lavendula Angustifolia, Boswillia Carteri Oil, Geranium Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My Opinion:

This is my favourite of the three oils, the light fragrance of Lavender is calming to the senses. I’m currently visiting my parents and they have the boring well (no, not an adjective) water supply here which is very harsh on my hair and makes it dry. I always make it a point to use a conditioner. But Alhamdulillah, after a nice champi of the Kronokare Anti Trum oil I can skip the conditioner and still have my healthy hair. The Lavender and mint extracts help repair hair follicles and provide nourishment to hair from root to tip, while the coconut oil relaxes you. It easily gets absorbed into the scalp and leaves your hands non greasy.

Rating 4.5/5

Bust The Bad Stuff

What the Brand Says:

This oil, a 100% natural blend of lemon, tea tree and peppermint extracts is the perfect product to say bye-bye to unwanted dandruff and an unhappy scalp. What’s more is a high concentration of Vitamin E, a nourishing ingredient that will really add to the glee.


Cocos Nucifera Oil (Pure Coconut Oil), Citrus Lemon Oil, Thymus Vulgaris Oil, Cypressus Sempervirens Oil, Mentha Avensis Oil, Menaleuca Alternifolia Oil, Zingiber Officinale Oil, Rosemarinus Officinale Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My Opinion:

I’ve used this oil the least since I do not have any dandruff concern, so I cannot say how well it help with that. I have however, recently had an unhappy and slightly itchy scalp. (Hello Village Summers!!) and Bust the bad stuff does calm it down.

Rating: 3.5/5

Go A (Long) Way

What the Brand Says:

If you want to skip the long story, zoom in on the tip: use our growth boosting hair oil, made with pure extracts of sage, thyme and lime. This blend will add length to your hair in absolutely no-time. So, enjoy our product made with a base of coconut-specially developed to get your hair out of a rut.


Cocos Nucifera Oil (Pure Coconut Oil), Salvia Sclareea Oil, Citrus Aurentifolia Oil, Thymus Vulgaris Oil, Cananga Odorata Oil, Rosemarinus Officinale Oil, Lavendula Augustifolia Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My Opinion:

The Growth boosting oil has been the most used oil, and I’ve been disappointed. I was really excited for this particular oil because I’m one of those girls who gets a spontaneous, unplanned haircut and then cries for months because she misses her long hair. The oil consists of extracts of lime, sage and thyme which are highly effective in repairing damaged hair and giving them a nice and long-lasting shine. But since the other products worked so well, I think i’m going to give this oil just one more chance and see if it helps stimulate the hair growth.

Current Rating 3/5


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