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What’s in My February Fab Bag? | Date Night


I’ve been out of town for a while now with very little net access so I didn’t get the time to put up these posts earlier. Unfortunately for me, Fab Bag delivered this lovely bag just a day after I left and I had to wait for over a month for my dad to go get them for me.

The Feb FabBag was dedicated to Valentines Day and had an adorable black heart shaped bag instead of the regular rectangular ones.

Anyways, here’s what I received in my Feb Fab Bag.

1. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nail Colour – Tender Mulberry
2. LA Splash Lip Couture  – Forbidden
3. Kama Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser & Kama Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream
4. Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nail Colour

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Polish

Sally Hansen is one of the best Nail care brands I’ve come across. The colour is a rich shade and 2 coats of it are sufficient. The card says Tender Mulberry, but I’ve seen other bloggers mention it as a Plum shade. idk why :\
I received the full size of 13.3ml worth Rs 475

LA Splash Lip Couture – Forbidden.

LA Splash Lip Couture - Forbidden

I really like this product. I got the shade forbidden which is a nice bright neon pink that pops in your lips. After application the gloss settles into a nice matte shade which is long lasting. & by long lasting, I mean really long lasting. It lasted about 8 hours with one meal and a snack. By the end of the day, it looked like a lip liner, which was sad. I had to scrub it of for complete removal. I suggest you use a balm before it.
There’s another colour in this collection that I do have my eyes on.
You can get a full size piece from the FabBag website for Rs 1000.

Kama Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser & Kama Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

The Kama Samples

I received sample size jars for both these products. I’ve only tired each sample once, for the sake of the review and they’re really nice on the skin, I can’t be sure whether they do work.
Kama products have this distinctive ayurvedic fragrance which is quite a put off.
Thanks kama,but I’d rather stick to my Just herbs routine.

The full sized Cleanser is available for RS 295 (45gms) and the Night Cream is for Rs 1195 (50gms)

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

I’ve been a regular user of this product and I absolutely love it. You can read my complete review on it here.

Well, I know I haven’t put in a lot of effort into this post, but I Promise I’m working hard on the other ones. I just need internet. 😛



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